Major Rehab / Repositioning Projects

When your property needs major rehab or is being repositioned, Kiba Construction understands that it’s about more than sprucing up the facade. You’re looking to upgrade the property rating and drive up property value. This usually means mobilizing a variety of renovation services in a tightly scheduled program. And that’s where Kiba Construction excels. Through Kiba Construction you have one-stop access to all the rehab / repositioning services you need, all managed by a team that prioritizes taking the pain out of the process for residents and on-site property managers. That’s why we’ve been awarded dozens of rehab and repositioning projects throughout Texas.

Exterior Painting

Kiba Construction prides itself on setting the industry standard for exterior painting excellence, delivering projects that are clean, timely, and cost effective. We pre-walk every inch of the property and — instead of estimates — we submit real quantities for carpentry repairs that typically accompany exterior repainting. This eliminates change orders during the course of the project. Kiba Construction’s project managers also do full pre-walks prior to the final inspection walks with clients. This saves our clients time and eliminates the need for extensive “punch lists.” Any minor issues that are missed during the pre-walks are addressed while performing the “approval walks” with the client, eliminating the need for additional inspections and back-and-forth exchanges of punch lists..

New Construction, Major Rehab / Repositioning Projects

While the bulk of Kiba Construction’s work is in the renovation arena, we also work as a subcontractor for other General Contractors on new construction. Our services in this area include fiber-cement board installation, vinyl siding installation, window/door installation & interior/exterior painting.

Carpentry Reconstruction

Kiba Construction’s list of carpentry reconstruction services include the typical offerings, but done with the Kiba Construction attention to detail and time-reducing project management. These services include balcony / stairway rebuilding, building profile enhancements like gable additions, breezeway entry & balcony stack “bump-outs,” roofline modifications, and more.

Interior Renovations

Kiba Construction offers the full spectrum of interior renovations, from simple fixture replacements and painting to complete interior upgrades including plumbing and electrical packages, flooring, solid countertops, cabinetry, trim and molding installation, appliance packages, floor plan reconfigurations, door replacement, hardware upgrades, and a range of mechanical upgrades and services..

Replacement Windows / Doors

Kiba Construction offers a variety of solutions for window and door replacement, partnering with dedicated suppliers to provide any window type — single-hung, double-hung, sliders — at any size or energy rating our clients specify. Plus, our door replacement options include entry doors, PVC-clad sliding doors, French doors and many more. And both window and door installations are done quickly with little or no impact on your residents.

Siding Installation

Kiba Construction’s cementitious siding services are in a class by themselves. You can rest easy knowing our cementitious siding installers are trained and approved in the latest installation techniques, this allows us to provide more competitive pricing than most installation contractors. Our vinyl siding selection is vast, including all forms of lap siding, shakes, and a range of accessories.

Roofing Replacement & Guttering Systems

Whether you need asphalt shingles, flat roofs, or standing-seam metal roofing, you can count on Kiba Construction for complete roofing replacement services that are solid, long-lasting, and warrantied.

Kiba Construction provides a number of guttering solutions such as full gutter replacement, new gutter installation, gutter guards, and more. All of our guttering systems start with job-formed, seamless gutters in 5-inch or 6-inch sizes. Plus, all of our gutter corners are shop-formed with welded corner seams. We always recommend 3 x 4 downspouts. Want splash blocks and gutter guards? We do that, too.


Kiba Construction is a certified Sonobourne, Sonoguard deck waterproofing system installer. That means, whether you have concrete or plywood decking that needs to be waterproofed, you can rely on Kiba Construction for timely installation and long-term protection.

Railing Systems

From PVC rails to aluminum and steel options, Kiba Construction has the railing system you need. Plus, we can advise you on the railing system that is functional, attractive — and within your budget.

Stucco Reconditioning

Stucco reconditioning projects come in all shapes and sizes — simple exterior repairs, stopping water intrusion, replacing poor installation, and even in conjunction with rehabilitation projects. Kiba Construction has expert experience in all of these areas. From adding new stucco architectural details during rehab projects, to full-on stucco replacement, you can count on Kiba Construction to give the results you want — that last.

Asphalt / Concrete

Kiba Construction’s range of asphalt services include patching and repairs, full overlays, permaflex installation, and sealcoating and re-striping. And our concrete services are just as extensive. We provide concrete installation, removal and replacement of existing concrete sidewalks, concrete dumpster pads, and more.

Steel Reconstruction

Got steel and concrete walkways, balconies, or stairways that need to be removed or replaced? Kiba Construction has the expertise and the manpower to do it right the first time — and on your budget.

Amenity Upgrades

Upgrading your amenities can have a significant effect on the perceived value — as well as the real value — of your property. And Kiba Construction gives the same attention to detail in renovating your clubhouse, improving existing common areas, or creating outdoor grilling areas and arbor structures as we do your complete multi-family apartment property renovation.

Condominium / Townhome Services

Kiba Construction offers its full range of services to condominium / townhome owners throughout Texas. Self-operated HOAs and condo management companies benefit from our high level of service, attention to detail and cost effectiveness on services such as vinyl / siding installation, roofing, painting, and window / door replacement. All of these services are proven to add value to your home. In addition, Kiba Construction’s numerous relationships with financial institutions and lenders allow us to assist condo owners in securing financing for their projects; and in some cases, we can provide financing ourselves. Contact Kiba Construction today to discuss the value we can bring to your homes.

Commercial Services

Kiba Construction offers a full range of services to the Commercial Property Management sector. These services mirror our service offerings for our multi-family clients: exterior painting, asphalt/concrete, roofing, etc. If we do it for multi-family properties (i.e. apartment buildings, condominiums), we can do it for commercial properties – plus more. Our highly-skilled teams also perform interior build-outs for retail and office properties. Just give us a call; we’d love to discuss what Kiba Construction can do for your commercial property.